Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Visiting Friends & Update.

It has been almost two months since I have had a chance to sit and write. Not having help during the day has really cut down me being able to take more than 10 minutes on one task. But I am cool with that. My father-in-law took Thomas and Mia to their Gymboree class for me this morning. We are really loving our new home and are having fun getting it all put together. Today as matter fact we are having a custom wall unit installed in our family room. It is huge and I can't wait to see it finished.

The kids and I went to LA this past weekend to visit the old "hood". We had BLAST to say the least. I did my normal crying as I drove around our old hangout spots. We got to see a lot of people too. Thank you Cogbill and Mesner Families for letting us stay with you. Celia was thrilled to have had a sleep over at Luke's house and Sophia's house. Although Celia slept with me at Sophia's house! We got to visit with Ellie for a bit a the park on Sunday. Was so nice to see her and the kids needed a little Ellie time too. Jim was working this particular weekend due to Superbowl. I thought it was the perfect time to get out of dodge for a few days.

We have a lot of visitor coming in the next couple of weeks, and I am looking so forward to all of them. Jen and Ava are coming next week. As when Tina and family came to town it feels so good to have my best friends here with me in Las Vegas and to show them around town. My parents will be in the following week. My kids ask everyday if Gramme and Grandpa are coming to our house today. Very nice to be able to tell them yes and here is when! The first week of March my dear friend Cherokee and her daughter Makena will be visiting.
Well my little ones just arrived back home from Gymboree so I have to run. Loves.

Monday, November 17, 2008

New school

Celia started at her new school today. You would of thought she'd been there for years. She didn't even want to come to the office with the finish up paperwork. She wanted to go directly to the playground. Two girls that are in her class that she met briefly on Friday were waiting for her at the gate. I am excited to hear how the day went.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Las Vegas

We are officially in Nevada now! I still feel like I am on vacation visiting my in-laws. I am sure that things will change next week when Celia gets back to school. The last few days have been very emotional and if I think too much about it all I start to cry now. I have been so fortunate to have met some of the most wonderful people on earth. I am so happy that Jim and I decided to move to LA 4 1/2 years ago taking a chance on a new opportunity. My life is so much better leaving Nevada and seeing another area.

Last night was a very weird evening. I was normal in so many ways. The O'Brien and Lee kids were over like they are a lot. Playing in the backyard and racing in and out of the house. Ellie was there helping out. Shannon, Jen, and I are standing in the kitchen visiting. But we are cleaning out my refrigerator which was the last thing to do. Oh yes and my house was completely empty. The kids loved it. Annette thought it made a great ballet floor and the others loved the echoes. Then we all left including us. Strange to leave a empty house knowing you won't step foot into it again and remembering ALL the memories there. We all cried. That is all do these days. Drove to the Papazian's house to say goodbye. They are as close as family with being blood related. The kids played like the always do we said our goodbyes and I did much better than I thought I would. I was probably dehydrated from all the crying earlier and no tears left.

The rest of the evening was pretty normal. Oh yes I forgot to mention that Celia Mae was sick yesterday with a stomach bug. She missed her last day of school. I felt so bad for her.
This morning Mia, Celia, and I went to Encino Elementary for one last time to say goodbye to her classroom. They had made her a really sweet book and gave us flowers.

My hard goodbye today was our neighbor Steve Lee. I am crying now just typing. He is married to one of my best friends Shannon. They live 5 houses down from us. We spend A LOT of time together. Our kids are at each othes house constintly. We eat dinner together a lot. They are the best neighbors you could ask for and even better friends. I think reason why I had such a hard time saying goodbye to Steve today was that is such a great guy to the kids and I. Celia and Steve have a great relationship. She really looks up to him. I remember not too long back we were at the Lee's house and I was standing in the laundry room. The door was open to the outside. The kids were all playing outside. I thought to myself what is that horrible smell. "Whoo pooped". No it was Celia and Steve in the back of the yard. Steve was showing her the composte shed. She was so into seeing something new and Steve is always there and takes the time to be there to show her. He plays with the kids and acts like a sometimes too. I always know that he is looking at for me. With Jim gone these last few months I knew that if there was ever an issue that Steve would be there in a heartbeat. He is a great guy.

Well it is past my bed time and I really in need of a good nights rest. I am so happy to be back with Jim. It is strange having with me for more than 2 nights in a row.
Saw the new house today for the first time. I like it a lot . The backyard is bigger than I thought. The kids are going to have a blast out there. Sorry no pool for us for a while. Maybe I am crazy for thinking that.

Taking Celia to her new school tomorrow morning to check out. Having lunch a Francis' restaurant. Starting a new life!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The truck is almost here!

The day has arrived. Tomorrow the moving company comes to pack our house up. Wednesday they load it into the truck. I am still in denial that this is all happening. And I keep thinking that next week on Monday Ellie will arrive at 8:00am and I will take Celia to Encino Elementary. Mia will go to her speech and OT appointment while Thomas and Ellie play and love life together. But that is not going to happen. Celia starts a new school on Monday. Green Valley Lutheran is a school very similar to the school Celia attended for preschool in Encino. It is a preschool with a kindergarten. It is still a 1/2 day program but the student teacher ratio is 10/1! I have signed up Celia for a science class on Fridays. Of course my kids will get enrolled into the local MyGym as that is a favorite in our house. There are so many things to be excited about it. But for whatever reason I can't stop crying today. The Chanel's come in handy on day like today when you don't want people to see your swollen eyes.

I am having the hardest time about leaving Ellie, our nanny. Now I know some people are thinking well of course she is. Who in is their right mind would be happy to let help leave. But Ellie is so so much more to us than that. If you have met her and have spent anytime time with her you know exactly what I am talking about it. But for those of you who have not been pervade to meet her, she is the most wonderful woman I have met in super long time. Sorry ladies. She is my second set of hands. She loves my children like they are her own. She has 3 of her by the way. She plays endless amounts of hours with my kids in some faraway pretend land that I can never seem to allow myself to get too because the laundry is calling or dinner needs to be started. She is angel in so many ways. She has become like a partner to me. We have spent a lot of time together raising my three kids and I feel I owe so much of what my children are today for her. I almost feel like a parent is leaving us or a grandmother had died. I am so heartbroken it is crazy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2185 Pont Alma

The bank accepted our offer on the house this morning. I am head of heals excited about the situation. I am feeling so much better this afternoon knowing that when we leave this beautiful spot that there is a place waiting for us. I looking forward to spending a couple of weeks at my in-laws and then off to Reno for the holiday and my mom's 60Th birthday. When we get home we should be able to move in! Thank you to everyone who prayed, crossed their fingers, and just kept the positive flow going. Leah

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is this the new house?

We are putting a offer in on a house tomorrow. I am going to be keeping my fingers crossed that it happens. The house is new I never thought I would be in a new house. Wish us luck!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Husband Tag

So I have been tagged and I think I did this same tag last year but that is okay because it is always fun. So here are the rules... Each person answers questions about their sweethearts and at the end of the post you tag 4 people and post their names, then go to their blog and comment to them that they have been tagged.
What is your husband's name? James Joseph Korona Jr.
How long have you been married? Six years
How long did you date? almost 2 years
How old is he? 33
Who eats sweets? He really only likes ice cream, I will eat just about all sweets
Who said I Love You first? He did. We were in Laughlin Nevada
Who is taller? He is.
Who can sing best? I think we are about the same
Who is smarter? We both are smart but in different ways. He is math wizard and knows all the facts.
Who does the laundry? I do 100% of the time
Who pays the bills? Jim, I have tried but I don't do them right.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does... I am wondering about this question. Do men normally sleep on the right side?
Who mows the lawn? Jim does, but I do on a occasion
Who cooks dinner? I do. He will work the BBQ sometimes.
Who drives? 50/50
Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Me
Who kissed who first? He kissed me first
Who asked who out first? We worked together so we became really good friends first. I believe he asked me to go out with to dinner after he returned from a trip.
Who wears the pants? I liked to think we both do!

Korona Family